Hogwarts Express Magic Wand

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Here at GeekOut Trends, we haven't quite amassed the amount of phoenix feathers, dragon heartstrings, Veela hair, or Thestral tail hair to open our own full-service wand shop. Unicorn hair, we have aplenty, but as you know, each wizard feels an affinity for a different type of core.

While the wand typically chooses its wizard or witch, we'll let you do the choosing here. These high-quality wands are authentic recreations of the wands used in the Harry Potter movies. Each comes in an original Ollivanders Wand Shop box.

Product Specifications

  • Prop replicas from the Harry Potter movies
  • Authentic recreations of the famous wands
  • Come complete with a replica of the original Ollivanders Wand Shop box
  • Warning: GeekOut Trends is not legally liable for any mischief you make with these wands
  • Dimensions: 14'
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